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Case study: Client Demo

A complete user login system to allow clients to view their website before going live.

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Screenshot of a wedding website inside a laptop frame Screenshot of a wedding website inside a mobile frame

Project overview

  • HTML,
  • SCSS,
  • PHP,
  • JQuery,
  • SQLi,

Secure user login/register system, User account verification, Custom SQLi database

The brief:

Understandably the majority of clients wish to see their website ‘online’ before actually going live with their new website. While clients will always be provided with a comprehensive overview of designs and screengrabs from the website built on localhosts, this doesn’t quite compare to viewing the site on a live server.

Therefore, I decided to build a ‘Client Demo’ website, which will allow any non-WordPress website to be simply uploaded to the live server behind a secure user login system.

The process:

The first task in achieving the Client Demo site was to put together a design for the user login system and a list of functions that the website must be able to perform to be consistent in all use cases.

The second task in achieving the Client Demo site was to create the user login and register system with server-side PHP, Javascript Ajax requests and a secure SQLi database to store user login details. Following best practise guidelines, the PHP securely connects to the database and hashes all sensitive information.

The final task would involve setting up redirects, session data and cookies to ensure only users that have securely logged in can view the content. Once this was working correctly, it was merely a case of making all of the content and paths dynamic as every website is different it’s essential to create a flexible product that can adapt to any website setup.

The outcome:

First screenshot of the user signup in the demo site. Second screenshot of the user login in the demo site.