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Case study: M&N Wedding

A fully bespoke site for guests to rsvp and find out more about the day.

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Screenshot of a wedding website inside a laptop frame Screenshot of a wedding website inside a mobile frame

Project overview

  • HTML,
  • SCSS,
  • PHP,
  • JQuery,
  • SQLi,

Responsive design, Bespoke SQL database, Bespoke form validation,

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-Minh & Nneka

The brief:

Minh & Nneka needed a website that would serve primarily as a way for guests to RSVP to their wedding but also to provide detailed information about the venue, accommodation and a day plan. Furthermore, they needed to have access to a secure login system on the site that would allow them to view live information of guests who had RSVP’d to manage the guest list.

The process:

After establishing what it was precisely Minh & Nneka needed from a site I set to work building wireframes for key areas of the website along with a global colour theme. Once they approved the final wireframes and colour theme, I began creating the visual designs for the site for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, which will be used when building the site itself.

Once Minh & Nneka were happy with the final designs, I began building the site using PHP, HTML, SCSS and JQuery. Now that the site was fully built and responsive, I then created a SQL database using SQLi and PHP to link it back to the website. I then created a secure login system using PHP and SQLi to allow Minh & Nneka to access their guest's RSVP information in real-time.

The outcome:

First screenshot of a page from a wedding website Second screenshot of a page from a wedding website